Roof insulation from the inside without breather membrane is possible with Aluthermo Optima

Insulating the roofs of houses saves up to 30% of energy.

With a traditional insulation between the rafters, it turns out that this is often not as easy as one might have thought for installation purpose: fibrous insulation (mineral wool and others) necessarily have to be protected against humidity.  If this is not done they lose their performance very quickly.

Scientific studies have shown that only 5% of humidity within the insulation is enough to reduce its efficiency by 50%.

For that reason, those fibrous insulation products are always protected against exterior humidity by using a breather membrane and against interior humidity by using a vapour barrier.

But what should you do if you want to insulate your roof which is still in good condition and doesn’t have a breather membrane or a membrane that has been ripped over the years?

It would be a pity to renovate the whole roof only to install this breather membrane. However, this is a solution that is often proposed.

Aluthermo Optima offers a different solution.

Exterior humidity is not an issue for Aluthermo Optima. It even works as a vapour barrier. It can be used to insulate a roof that lacks a breather membrane.

As this insulation is flexible and very thin, you don’t have to install it between the rafters. You can simply roll it out under the rafters and fix it with staples. The overlaps and joints are sealed up with the Aluthermo® adhesive tape. A job suitable for DIY or trade: Aluthermo Optima is an insulation that is effective, thin and easy to install with an element of sound deadening inbuilt in the materials.

The components of Aluthermo Optima are non-toxic and anti-allergy so that the installation and cutting do not cause any irritation to your skin.

Using this solution it can save energy and improve the energy passport of your building and it is even less expensive with a return of investment of only ± 3 years.

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