Aluthermo Quattro® in its native region

The young couple in this house opted for our thinnest insulation, Aluthermo® Quattro. There was no existing insulation and the owners wanted to keep the special look of this roof. For such a complicated roof, with so many cuts and slopes, Aluthermo® Quattro is THE solution.
Quattro is only 10mm thick and is vapour barrier, insulation and roof underlay in one single product.
So even the most difficult roof structures are no longer an obstacle!

All the advantages:
– The “all-in-one” (insulation, vapour barrier and roof membrane) for maximum space saving
– Easy to install as it is thermally-welded across its entire surface
– Good thermal performances (more info HERE)
– Protection against overheating in summer
– Durable as pure aluminium
– Fire protection class Bs1d0
– No shrinkage and rotproof

Architect: Mr. Daniel Blaise,

Aluthermo Insulation – Efficient, thin, easy to install