Roof insulation of a new building with Roofreflex

On the architect’s recommendation, the company Inextenso placed Roofreflex on this beautiful residence.

The client chose for Roofreflex because of different reasons:
He wanted to prevent thermal bridges by rolling out Roofreflex above the rafters without losing any space. Furthermore, the reflective power of Roofreflex provides considerable protection against the sun’s rays and significantly improves comfort by reducing the risk of overheating in summer.

As the client intended to install mineral wool between the rafters, it was important to use a highly breathable breather membrane. With its Sd value of 0.08 m, Roofreflex was the right choice.

Finally, the certified insulating properties of Roofreflex ensure a better energy performance certificate of the building – and all without losing any space in the attic.

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project-Gierle-isolatie-aluthermo (2)


isolatie-nieuwbouw-aluthermo-roofreflex (4)


isolatie-nieuwbouw-aluthermo-roofreflex (22)