The famous Polish adventurer Piotr Śliwiński and Aluthermo Quattro

His adventures continue… This time with Aluthermo® Quattro.

Since 2006, the famous Polish adventurer and conqueror of 7 summits, Piotr Śliwiński, has made 12 round-the-world trips. Each time he has used a different route and different means of transport, such as a bicycle, tractor etc.

Due to the current situation he was forced to change his travel plans and stay in Poland. Nevertheless, in order to stay close to nature, he decided to move to a Mongolian yurt on the grounds of the Polytechnic Academy in Cracow.

However, the efficient insulation of such a demanding construction proved to be a challenge, which he was able to face with Aluthermo®.

And how does it feel to live in a yurt which is insulated with Aluthermo® Quattro? Our partner Aluthermo Poland has waited until the biggest frosts have passed to ask Piotr Śliwiński for his opinion. How does our thin reflective insulation work in such an unusual construction and at such low temperatures?

His reactions were fantastic! During the deepest frost, when the temperature dropped to -20°C, the temperature in the yurt remained at 22°C! Thanks to the multi-layered and multi-reflective structure of Aluthermo, the heat inside the yurt stays inside and the cold outside stays outside.

Many thanks to Piotr Śliwiński and our partner Aluthermo Poland!

Pictures: P. Śliwiński

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