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Fries Landbouw Museum Leeuwarden


Fries Landbouwmuseum insulated with Aluthermo Quattro The museum of agriculture Frysk Lanbou, abroad the province better known as “Fries Landbouwmuserum”, will be renovated. The construction...

Quattro on the roofs of St. Peterburg


Another professional job done with Aluthermo Quattro in the heart of St. Petersburg where the climate conditions require only the best! 🙂 Year: 2017 Place: St. Petersburg, Russia

Hof Van Cortenbach


Insulation of a listed building with Aluthermo Quattro Aluthermo Quattro was the insulation solution for this renovation because of obvious reasons: The roofing is a complex roof with a batten frame....

St. Andrew’s Church


Another renovation project with ALUTHERMO QUATTRO. The architect’s office iD Studio Architects chose for ALUTHERMO QUATTRO as roof insulation of the Presbyterian St. Andrew’s Church in Brussels...

Roof renovation of a listed building


Another listed building, insulated with ALUTHERMO QUATTRO. Keeping the existing roof framework and obtaining a perfect thermal insulation makes ALUTHERMO QUATTRO the ideal insulation for listed...

Royal Manor of Argenteuil


Another listed building: the famous castle of Argenteuil. It is insulated with ALUTHERMO QUATTRO as breather membrane, insulation and vapour barrier. It allows to insulate effectively without...

Villa in Aerdenhout


This villa, listed building, has a roof framework with decking. The use of ALUTHERMO QUATTRO in this building allows to keep the same aspect and ensures an ideal thermal insulation. Year: 2013...

National monument Speyart van Woerden’s Hofje


ALUTHERMO QUATTRO is the ideal insulation for the renovation of listed buildings. As for this national monument in Speyart (NL), the use of ALUTHERMO QUATTRO allows to keep the existing roof...

Grange of Bilande


The count Teddy le Grelle chose for ALUTHERMO QUATTRO as thin reflective insulation so that he could keep the existing and very old roof framework which was still in perfect condition. Location:...

Foundation Folon


The Folon foundation was insulated with 16cm of rockwool. Unfortunately this insulation didn’t permit to keep the temperature range which is recommended for artworks. Therefore the client...

Insulation of a thatched roof


ALUTHERMO QUATTRO is the ideal insulation for thatched roofs because of its humidity reistance. In this case, the use of ALUTHERMO QUATTRO allows to preserve the wonderful roof framework. Year: 2014...