Insulation of an exterior wall with Aluthermo Quattro

This wall was not insulated and the cladding was made of asbestos panels. The customer’s wish was to insulate well, but the material should not be too thick to allow a connection to the extension of this building.
Aluthermo® Quattro, the thin reflective insulation with a thickness of only 10mm was chosen.
Quattro allows an insulation with a minimum thickness while ensuring maximum insulation effect in winter and summer, it does not collapse and does not sag over time.
Aluthermo® Quattro can also be applied on walls from the inside, on roofs from the outside and the inside, on floors, garage doors, roller shutter casings and so on. Find out all about the Quattro.
The work was carried out by the roofer Patrick Keus,

Aluthermo insulation – Effective, thin, easy to install