Roofreflex: the perfect insulation for roofs with metallic tiles

The company DIEDAK (BE) placed Aluthermo Roofreflex which can perfectly be combined with the metallic tiles. Even if the tiles themselves already have an excellent acoustic performance, Aluthermo Roofreflex will effectively participate at the sound deadening.

Furthermore the client wanted to reinforce the thermal performance of the roof: he already has had a weak insulation between the rafters which he improved with Aluthermo Roofreflex. As you can never be sure at a renovation how the existing insulation was installed, it is better to use a breather membrane that is vapour-permeable as for example Aluthermo Roofreflex. If there should be the slightest amount of moisture in the existing insulation, these could evaporate through Aluthermo Roofreflex.

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isolation-toiture-aluthermo-roofreflex (7)

isolation-toiture-aluthermo-roofreflex (8)

isolation-toiture-aluthermo-roofreflex (20)