Aluthermo® Densima in Kampenhout

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Aluthermo® Densima is an insulation, vapour barrier and roof underlay in one product.

With a thickness of only 37 mm, Densima is up to 25% more efficient than 20 cm mineral wool! The full study is available here.

In addition to this good performance, it protects against overheating in summer, reduces thermal bridges, is easy to install (on rolls) and is EPB and 2020 certified.

The owner of this house in Kampenhout chose Aluthermo® Densima because of its good insulating properties, low thickness and compliance with the Flemish standard 2020!

We thank the roofer Althum from Kampenhout for the good execution!

Aluthermo insulation – Efficient, thin, easy to install

Year: 2018

Location: Egellaan, B-1910 Kampenhout