Aluthermo® Quattro in Schilde (Antwerp, Belgium)

1 Isolamento del tetto

The dormer in this roof made effective insulation difficult. A conventional sarking insulation would have raised the roof and would have been much more expensive.

Aluthermo® Quattro was chosen. With a thickness of 10mm, the Quattro® offers unrivaled slimness (therefore a saving on space) and flexibility with no compromise on thermal performance. The customer now benefits from good insulation in both winter and summer without changing the appearance of the roof, and this at a reasonable budget.

Look to the comparative study to find out more about the good thermal performance of Aluthermo®!

The work was carried out by the roofer Jos Lauryssen at 2960 Brecht, Belgium,


Aluthermo insulation – Effective, thin, easy to install

Year: 2020

Location: Schilde (Antwerp), Belgium