Aluthermo® Roofreflex in Lille: When the roof membrane also insulates at the same time!

1 Isolamento del tetto

Basically, the owner of this house located in Lille in the province of Antwerp was only thinking of replacing the roof membrane and the tiles.

His roofer De Witte from Poederlee-Lille recommended Aluthermo Roofreflex®. This insulating and reflective roof membrane improves insulation at the same time. The roof now complies with the 2020 standard (in Flanders), the energy passport is improved and in summer it will be cooler in the attic thanks to the heat-reflecting membrane.

As Aluthermo Roofreflex® is highly vapour-permeable, it can be perfectly combined with additional insulation between rafters. More information HERE.

The work was carried out by Dakwerken De Witte.


Aluthermo insulation – effective, thin, easy to install.

Year: 2019

Location: Borze in 2275 Lille, Belgium