Renovation of some roofs in the holiday park Hengelhoef with Aluthermo® Densima

1 Isolamento del tetto

In one of the apartment blocks, leaks were discovered in the roof. During the repair work, the interior finish of the roof couldn’t be damaged and the performance of the roof insulation had to be increased in order to meet the new 2020 regulations for rented houses.

The roofer Van Der Aa opted for Aluthermo® Densima. Why? Densima is insulation, vapour barrier and breather membrane combined in one product and it complies with the 2020 standard.

In addition, the upper reflective membrane reflects the solar radiation in summer which improves the comfort of the tenants. More information on Aluthermo® Densima HERE.

The work was carried out by the roofer Van Der Aa bvba,


Aluthermo insulation – Effective, thin, easy to install

Year: 2020

Location: Holiday park Hengelhoef, 3530 Houthalen-Helchteren (Belgium),