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Aluthermo® Quattro in Schilde (Antwerp, Belgium)


The dormer in this roof made effective insulation difficult. A conventional sarking insulation would have raised the roof and would have been much more expensive. Aluthermo® Quattro was chosen. With...

Aluthermo® Roofreflex in Stekene, Belgium


On this construction site in Stekene in the Flemish region, the roofer Frederic Van De Voorde used Aluthermo® Roofreflex to easily improve the thermal performance of this roof. This insulating...

Insulation of a row house with Aluthermo® Densima


The roofer chose Aluthermo® Densima because it is EPC certified and avoids raising the roof of this row house. Here are all the advantages of Densima: EPC & 2020 certified Breather membrane,...

Densima in Geraardsbergen, Belgium


The roofer “Ronald Dakwerken” installed Aluthermo® Densima to avoid the disadvantages of a sarking insulation (raising the roof, changing the appearance of the roof, additional work...

The Roofreflex in ‘s-Gravenvoeren


The roofer Dodémont in Moelingen, Limburg, placed the insulating roof membrane Aluthermo® Roofreflex to reinforce the insulation between the rafters. This not only increases the energy passport,...

The Quattro® in Pulle-Zandhoven


On this construction site, insulation from the outside was the only option. Traditional insulation would have required a building permission and the roof to be raised! With Aluthermo it keeps all its...

The Roofreflex in Kaggevinne, region of Diest (Belgium)


The owners of this house near Diest have chosen our Aluthermo Roofreflex! The insulation between the rafters was still in a good condition, but the roof membrane and the roof tiles had to be...

Primary school in Dalhem – Aluthermo Roofreflex


The roof of the primary school in Dalhem will be completely renovated. Architect Vincent Voos opted for Aluthermo® Roofreflex to insulate the sloping parts. The Roofreflex is placed directly on the...

Aluthermo Densima® in Overpelt


The roofer M-VB in Overpelt in the province of Limburg in Belgium installed Aluthermo Densima® on this house. Why? Densima is insulation, vapour barrier and breather membrane combined in one...

Renovation with Aluthermo® Roofreflex in Stoumont


The owner of this cottage in Moulin du Ruy, in the commune of Stoumont had a bad surprise when he wanted to replace the roof underlay and the tiles. Weasels destroyed some of the mineral wool. The...