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Aluthermo® Quattro in Schilde (Antwerp, Belgium)


The dormer in this roof made effective insulation difficult. A conventional sarking insulation would have raised the roof and would have been much more expensive. Aluthermo® Quattro was chosen. With...

Aluthermo® Roofreflex in Stekene, Belgium


On this construction site in Stekene in the Flemish region, the roofer Frederic Van De Voorde used Aluthermo® Roofreflex to easily improve the thermal performance of this roof. This insulating...

Insulation of a row house with Aluthermo® Densima


The roofer chose Aluthermo® Densima because it is EPC certified and avoids raising the roof of this row house. Here are all the advantages of Densima: EPC & 2020 certified Breather membrane,...

Densima in Geraardsbergen, Belgium


The roofer “Ronald Dakwerken” installed Aluthermo® Densima to avoid the disadvantages of a sarking insulation (raising the roof, changing the appearance of the roof, additional work...

The Roofreflex in ‘s-Gravenvoeren


The roofer Dodémont in Moelingen, Limburg, placed the insulating roof membrane Aluthermo® Roofreflex to reinforce the insulation between the rafters. This not only increases the energy passport,...

The Quattro® in Pulle-Zandhoven


On this construction site, insulation from the outside was the only option. Traditional insulation would have required a building permission and the roof to be raised! With Aluthermo® it keeps all...

The Roofreflex in Kaggevinne, region of Diest (Belgium)


The owners of this house near Diest have chosen our Aluthermo Roofreflex! The insulation between the rafters was still in a good condition, but the roof membrane and the roof tiles had to be...

Renovation with Aluthermo® Densima in Huldenberg


The insulation requirements for this construction site in Huldenberg, Belgium were: efficient insulation, no change of the roof structure, insulation that complies with European standards. Why choose...

Aluthermo Quattro® in its home region


The young couple in this house opted for our thinnest insulation, Aluthermo® Quattro. There was no existing insulation and the owners wanted to keep the special look of this roof. For such a...

Primary school in Dalhem – Aluthermo Roofreflex


The roof of the primary school in Dalhem will be completely renovated. Architect Vincent Voos opted for Aluthermo® Roofreflex to insulate the sloping parts. The Roofreflex is placed directly on the...

Aluthermo Densima® in Overpelt


The roofer M-VB in Overpelt in the province of Limburg in Belgium installed Aluthermo Densima® on this house. Why? Densima is insulation, vapour barrier and breather membrane combined in one...