Insulating roof membrane


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An insulating, reflective roof membrane that is watertight and highly vapour permeable. It is always used above existing insulation. May be used for the roof or walls (cladding) from the outside only.

EPC & LABC certified.

How does the ROOFREFLEX® work ?

ROOFREFLEX® is composed of the following layers:

  1. A reflective and highly vapour permeable membrane
  2. A 37mm thick, compressible layer of moisture-proof polyester fiber, with a thermal conductivity of λ 0,0366 W/(m.K)

aluthermo roofreflex - composition

This insulation material improves the roof’s overall thermal resistance by combining its many qualities with those of the insulation material installed between the rafters.

Its impermeability significantly limits the penetration of cold air in winter, reduces thermal bridges and reduces the risk of condensation. Its insulating layer of polyester wadding reduces energy loss and increases acoustic protection.

Finally, the reflective power of this insulating roof membrane provides considerable protection against the sun’s rays and significantly improves comfort by reducing the risk of overheating in summer.



  • EPC & LABC certified
  • A breathing, reflective, insulating roof membrane
  • Improves the thermal and acoustic performance without modifying the structure
  • Reduces thermal bridges
  • Improves comfort by reducing overheating in summer
  • Self-adhesive overlap included


Technical characteristics


Dimensions of the roll 1,40 x 10 m
Surface area per roll 14 m²
Weight ± 730 g/m²
Thickness of the compressible polyester fiber ± 37 mm
Operating temperature range -40°C à +80°C
Fire resistance classification E (EN 13501-1)
Thermal core resistance R = 1,00 m².K/W
Thermal conductivity λ = 0,0366 W/(m.K) (EN 12667)
Emissivity 0,19
Resistance to water penetration Tight W1 (EN 1928)
Water vapour transmission properties 380 g/m².d
Tensile strength
in longitudinal direction
in transverse direction
220 to 360 N/50mm (EN 12311-1)
150 to 275 N/50mm (EN1 2311-1)
Tear resistance
in longitudinal direction
in transverse direction
120 to 230 N (EN 12310-1)
175 to 280 N (EN 12310-1)
in longitudinal direction
in transverse direction
55 to 100 % (EN 12311-1)
70 to 150 % (EN 12311-1)
Sd value 0,061 m (± 0,01) (EN 12572)

Applications of Aluthermo® Roofreflex

Implementation of Roofreflex

Discover the installation of Aluthermo® Roofreflex on a roof. An efficient and effective roof renovation.

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