on outside walls

Wall thin insulation on wood frame construction

Walls are responsible for about 20% of heat loss in a house. Insulating walls from the exterior enables them to accumulate and retain heat. In summer, Aluthermo® also protects the house from solar radiation.

ALUTHERMO ROOFREFLEX®  is a breathable, insulating, sound deadening and reflective shield.

Timber frame constructions are subject to rapid temperature changes, therefore the use of Roofreflex® is particularly good.

Install Aluthermo Roofreflex® over a wood frame construction to limit the inflow of cold air in winter and improve the thermal performance of your building. Furthermore, you will also improve the acoustic performance and the ambient temperature in the summer.

The strong reflective property of Roofreflex® protects the building against solar radiation and improves the ambient temperature by reducing overheating in the summer.

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Our product recommendation:

It’s better to insulate from the outside with ROOFREFLEX®. EPC & LABC certified.


An insulating, reflective roof membrane that is watertight and highly vapour-permeable. It is always used above existing insulation. May be used for the roof or walls (cladding) from the outside only. EPC & LABC certified.

Accessories for the installation

The Aluthermo® scissors: For a quick and accurate cutting of Roofreflex®

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