What is ALUTHERMO® insulation ?

ALUTHERMO® is a thin, reflective, multi-layer, flexible insulation material that is welded across its entire surface, which is made up of several reflective layers. It may be used on its own or to supplement existing insulation.

It traps dry air in its films. It has been used for years in new construction and renovation for its excellent energy-saving results.

ALUTHERMO® products:


An insulating, reflective roof membrane that is watertight and highly vapour-permeable. It is always used above existing insulation. May be used for the roof or walls (cladding) from the outside only. EPC & LABC certified

QUATTRO – 10 mm

An ideal “all in one” solution as it acts as an insulation material, vapour barrier and roof membrane. An ultra-thin, multi-reflective and with 4 layers of aluminium multi-layer insulation material which is thermally-welded across all its surfaces. Insulating without losing space. Effective and easy to install.

isolation en aluminium densima

DENSIMA – 37 mm

Reflective insulation, vapour barrier and breather membrane combined in one product. Made thicker to comply with European standards, it is the perfect insulation for your roof renovation conform standard 2020. EPC certified

OPTIMA – 42 mm

A reflective insulation material made thicker to comply with European standards. Mainly used on roofs or as a vapour barrier on walls. EPC & LABC certified.

Our product range also includes:

VAPREFLEX®, ALUPHONIC®, ALUTHERMO® 7mm and 21mm: our classical thin reflective insulation