As Breather Membrane ROOFREFLEX


ALUTHERMO ROOFREFLEX® is a thin, reflective breather membrane highly vapor permeable.

With a thermal resistance of R = 1 m².K/W Roofreflex® improves the thermal and acoustic performance, reduces cold bridges and limits the inflow of cold air in winter significantly.

The reflective property of the membrane constitutes a considerable barrier to infrared radiation in summer and improves the ambient temperature by reducing the overheating in this period.

The thin Roofreflex® membrane is rolled out over the rafters, which reduces thermal bridges.

Roofreflex® also has an auto-adhesive overlap that forms a tight seal and protects the building against the inflow of cold air in winter. As the membrane is very permeable for vapor diffusion, it guarantees a long-lasting and efficient function of the complementary insulation.

For new buildings or for renovation projects, Roofreflex® is always a good choice for those who want to combine acoustic and thermal efficiency and comfort in summer.

Our product recommendation:

I choose ROOFREFLEX® for its summer and winter comfort. EPC & LABC certified.

An insulating, reflective roof membrane that is watertight and highly vapour-permeable. It is always used above existing insulation. May be used for the roof or walls (cladding) from the outside only. EPC & LABC certified.


  • Insulating reflective breather membrane
  • Improvement of the thermal and acoustic performance without transformation of the structure
  • reduces overheating effect in the summer