Thin acoustic insulation with Aluthermo®

Insulating a house is an essential step in the construction or renovation of your home. Particularly good thermal insulation will allow you to gain in comfort but also to make considerable savings on your heating bills.
But that’s not all! Insulating your home with effective, durable and efficient insulation also has a significant acoustic advantage! A comfort asset that should not be overlooked!

Indeed, the acoustic insulation of your house may seem trivial, but it is an element that will greatly affect your comfort and your well-being on a daily basis and in the long term.

A good soundproofing will allow you to avoid unwanted noises coming from your neighbours or from the cars which regularly pass in your street for example. It is also the possibility of saying goodbye to the discomfort that can provide a room that resonates.

Noise inconveniences coming from the outside or the inside of your home and which can quickly make your daily life unbearable. These are major inconveniences that could, however, quickly disappear if you choose to insulate your home properly.

To do so, there are several different methods and insulating materials that will allow you to achieve your goals. In particular, you can take advantage of the benefits of thin insulation!

Aluthermo®, thin acoustic insulation for comfort and well-being

Thin insulation is distinguished from many other insulating products by its very fine structure and its unique composition. Indeed, thin insulation is made up of several layers of insulation and reflective layers that allow it to play an effective role of thermal insulation by reflecting heat.

It is also a great ally for a good acoustic and phonic insulation thanks to the flexibility of the thin insulation which allows it to improve considerably the sound aspect of your rooms.

Would you like to know more about our thin acoustic insulation? Are you interested in the significant advantages of this quality thermal and acoustic insulation? Then contact Aluthermo®, your specialist in thin insulation in Belgium!

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