The thin insulation of flooring provides incomparable comfort, energy savings and – in the case of placement under concrete screed – heat retention, which accumulates and returns the heat instead of losing it in the ground. Aluthermo® is also recommended for installation with under-floor heating.

Our product recommendation:

I use QUATTRO under the screed or on a suspended floor, with or without under-floor heating, under a sprung floor, wood or chipboard floor.


  • Uses little space, gain in living space
  • Suitable for sloping floors or if the boarding is too high
  • When placed on the floor, Aluthermo® is a distributor of heat
  • Aluthermo® adapts to all shapes and surfaces


For both renovations and new builds, Aluthermo® is suitable for insulation under floorboards or floating / raised floors. What’s more, the acoustic insulation provided improves the quality of life in the building.

Our product recommendation:

QUATTRO is the ideal insulation material for your floors.
It offers little height gain, resistance to compression, heat distribution and outstanding acoustic qualities.


  • Under the floor, Aluthermo® is a distributor of heat
  • Provides good acoustic insulation against impact noise
  • Can be placed without significant loss of living space
  • Aluthermo® adapts to all shapes and surfaces

quatro-1QUATTRO – 10mm
An ideal “all in one” solution as it acts as an insulation material, vapour barrier and roof membrane. An ultra-thin, multi-reflective and with 4 layers of aluminium multi-layer insulation material which is thermally-welded across all its surfaces.