Thin insulation
of the roof from the interior
with or without breather membrane

Insulation of the roof from the interior
with or without breather membrane


Even if the roof is in good condition and must still be insulated, Aluthermo® allows an easy roof insulation from the inside without losing space. What’s more, Aluthermo® thin roof insulation can be installed without interruption or gaps, and ensures good air-tightness.

As the thin reflective insulation Aluthermo® is rolled out directly under the rafter, its installation is easy and quick and avoids an increase of the rafter thickness if the space is too small for a conventional insulation. Furthermore Aluthermo®, installed form the interior, also serves as a vapor barrier.

A good insulation without breather membrane

Whether with or without a breather membrane, with Aluthermo® the insulation without a breather membrane is possible.

Exterior humidity is not an issue for Aluthermo®, compared to most of the other insulation materials, and can therefore be placed without a breather membrane, or with a breather membrane that has been ripped over the years. There’s no easier and more efficient way.

Aluthermo® can easily be cut with a craft knife or with Aluthermo® scissors. The installation is very easy as the different components don’t cause any irritations of the skin or the respiratory tracts.

By using Aluthermo®, you win space in the attic. Aluthermo® provides protection against solar radiation to improve your overall comfort in summer. Furthermore, you don’t have to remove the roof tiles to install a breather membrane. With Aluthermo® there is no necessity for a ventilated layer when fitted retrospectively.
With Aluthermo® insulation without breather membrane is finally possible!

Our product recommendation:

I opt for OPTIMA. It’s 4X thicker and just as reflective. Ideal for its acoustic qualities.
EPC & LABC certified.

OPTIMA – 42mm
A reflective insulation material made thicker to comply with European standards. Mainly used on roofs or as a vapour barrier on walls. EPC & LABC certified.

Advantages :

  • EPC & LABC certified
  • Insulation and vapour barrier all in one
  • Easy to install as it is welded across its entire surface
  • Multi-reflective and multi-layer with a reinforced thermal and acoustic performance
  • Reduces thermal bridges
  • Durable as pure aluminium
  • 10-year warranty in association with Allianz Assurances
  • Up to 29% more effective than 200 mm of mineral wool

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