Insulation on inside walls

In the event that outside insulation is not possible, Aluthermo® offers real solutions for insulating walls from the inside.

Thanks to its reduced thickness, it gives a maximum living space, while providing great comfort to the occupants.


Aluthermo® can be unrolled and installed horizontally or vertically, ensuring a minimum overlap of 5 cm between strips, on a framework of timbers measuring 25 mm thick (40mm for Aluthermo Optima) by 50 mm wide previously fixed to the wall to be insulated.

Seal the overlaps and joins with the special aluminium adhesive tape supplied by Aluthermo®. Provisionally fasten the Aluthermo® insulation by stapling it to this wooden framework.

The vertical timbers of the framework must be spaced at approximately 60 cm apart. The perimeter timbers must be positioned flush with the horizontal and vertical limits of the surface to be insulated.

This framework thereby establishes a stable air gap between the Aluthermo® insulation and the insulated wall.

Then fasten the counter-battens to the framework for the interior finish (which can be plasterboard, wood panelling etc.).

Our product recommendation:

The ideal product is QUATTRO.

quatro-1QUATTRO – 10mm
An ideal “all in one” solution as it acts as an insulation material, vapour barrier and roof membrane. An ultra-thin, multi-reflective and with 4 layers of aluminium multi-layer insulation material which is thermally-welded across all its surfaces.


  • Preserves volume of living space
  • Adapts easily to all surfaces
  • Minimum thickness with maximum insulating effect
  • The gaps of air inside allow the passage of household conduits