Fries Landbouwmuseum insulated with Aluthermo Quattro

The museum of agriculture Frysk Lanbou, abroad the province better known as “Fries Landbouwmuserum”, will be renovated.

The construction company Kimsma from Leeuwarden recently started with the complex restoration of the landmarked monument. Architect Marten Atsma is the project responsible person. The restoration will take nearly 6 months.  According to the manager Henk Dijkstra the whole roof must be replaced. The stable out of the 70s will be pulled down.

If you see the complex structure of the roof, then you quickly understand, why they have chosen Aluthermo Quattro as insulation.

Aluthermo Quattro is roof membrane, insulation material and vapour barrier in one. As the Aluthermo Quattro is only 1 cm thick and very flexible it fits with every structure.

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