Aluthermo Densima® in Meerhout, Belgium

The roofer Huysmans recommended Aluthermo Densima®. The roof was not straight and it was necessary to avoid raising the roof. Aluthermo Densima® adapts well to every roof thanks to its flexible polyester fiber. Installation is very easy and quick because it makes roof underlay, insulation and vapour barrier in one single product. In addition, it is certified for the energy passport and the 2020 standard in Flanders, Belgium.
  • EPC & 2020 certified
  • Breather membrane, insulation and vapour barrier all in one
  • Multi-reflective and multi-layer with a reinforced thermal and acoustic performance
  • Reduces thermal bridges
  • Easy to install as it is welded across nits entire surface
  • Self-adhesive overlap included
  The work was carried out by Freddy Huysmans, Haverbroekstraat 2, 2450 Meerhout   Aluthermo insulation – Effective, thin, easy to install Year: 2019 Location: Dennenbos, 2450 Meerhout, Belgium