Floor insulation with Aluthermo Quattro®

When renovating, the height available to insulate the floor is often limited. The architect Edward van Loocke from the architect's office VLOOA was faced with this problem in his own house. He found the solution by using Aluthermo Quattro®. With a thickness of only 10 mm, the thin reflective insulatin Aluthermo Quattro® is particularly interesting! The advantages of this thin insulation are multiple. Indeed, it is particularly suitable under screed in case of differences in height or when the boarding is too high. The Quattro is also an excellent heat distributor when installed with an underfloor heating. It is very resistant to compression and offers excellent acoustic insulation against impact noise. This insulation, thanks to its thinness, saves space in the living space. Less space for insulation means more living space! More information HERE. Contact details: VLOOA architectuur en ontwerp, https://www.vlooa.com/ Aluthermo insulation – Effective, thin, easy to install Year: 2020 Location: Wandelweg 33 à 2980 Zoersel, Belgium