Renovation with Aluthermo® Densima in Huldenberg

The insulation requirements for this construction site in Huldenberg, Belgium were: efficient insulation, no change of the roof structure, insulation that complies with European standards. Why choose Aluthermo® Densima? It's a thin insulation, vapour barrier and roof membrane in one single product and has been designed thicker in order to meet European standards. The upper reflective membrane reflects the solar radiation in summer and improves comfort by reducing the risk of overheating whereas the lower film of aluminium returns the thermal radiation in winter. The core of the insulation, composed of a polyester wadding and a layer of dry, stable air trapped in a bubble film effectively slow the transfer of energy by conduction. Densima is used as a reflective breather membrane for roofs when there is no insulation material between the rafters. The work was carried out by Smets Dirk, Smeysberg 38, 3040 Huldenberg (Tel. 0477 84 53 80,   Aluthermo insulation – Effective, thin, easy to install Year: 2020 Location: Wolfshaegen, 3040 Huldenberg, Belgium