of Jan van Dorpe,

Meeting with Jan van Dorpe,
Carpenter in Audenarde

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My name is Jan van Dorpe and I live in Oudenaarde. I work as carpenter and team leader for the technical department of the city of Oudenaarde. I do all kinds of carpentry work, including roofing and insulation work.


What are you insulating this roof with?

We insulate this roof with Aluthermo® Optima. It’s a really good thin insulation which is also certified for the energy certificate.

The thin insulation Optima is a fantastic product. Compared to other types of insulation, it is really very pleasant to work with.


What are the advantages of ALUTHERMO® ?

The insulation Optima does not scratch, it’s easy to install, it’s very thin, does not weigh much, it is compact and therefore easy to carry to the attic.

The membrane is easy to cut, to tack against the rafters and seal with tape. You do not need to be a professional to install it. It’s a real advantage.


What is your experience with ALUTHERMO®  thin reflective insulation?

I have several customers for which I have insulated several houses with the thin insulation products of Aluthermo®.I now have a customer who asks me to insulate another building site with this insulation product. So they must be very satisfied. 

We have never had any complaints about Aluthermo products, it is an ideal product for us!


What reaction do you receive from your customers?

We have already made 1 or 2 roofs for the city of Oudenaarde, and the city council is very satisfied with this thin insulation solution.

There is an elderly lady who rents a house from the city, and she has often complained about the draught and the cold in the attic, and now she feels like she is in seventh heaven.

The proof that insulation works!


Does ALUTHERMO®  have other positive characteristics?

The advantage of the thin insulation Aluthermo® is that you have almost no losses. You have little leftovers because every piece can be reused. It’s therefore the ideal product to insulate.


Would you also use the thin reflective insulation ALUTHERMO®  for your own use?

At the moment we stand close the church in Wortegem-Petegem in the house of my daughter and my son-in-law. We are completely rebuilding the house. Here we have also chosen the insulation Aluthermo® Optima, because I know from experience that it is effective and that the two of them can even help us with the installation. Furthermore, with the thin insulation Optima we have little loss of space, no dirt and it is easy to work with. For me it could not be better.