Testimonial of
Stéphane Godart,
manager of the company
S. Godart

Meeting with Stéphane Godart,
manager of the company S. Godart

Discover the insulation Roofreflex in details


I am Stéphane Godart, I am manager of the company S. Godart.
We do all kinds of roofing work, everything that has to do with roofing.


In which context do you use Aluthermo® insulation?

This project is a roof replacement. There was already insulation in place and to complete the insulation we chose Aluthermo® Roofreflex.

For this project we use Roofreflex to complement the 18 cm thick glass wool. And where the clients had installed panels, we left the panels and placed Roofreflex over them.

We suggested Roofreflex because it is very interesting in terms of quality and price, and it is very good for the energy certificate.


How efficient are the thin insulation materials Aluthermo®?

The aluminium layer reflects the heat and ensures that the insulation underneath is even more effective. This aluminium layer also acts as an underlay, so there is no need to add any underlay to the product.

With this project we are really above the standards in Flanders, so people are safe for at least 20 years.

We often work with Aluthermo® because their products are very good value for money, they are easy to use and the customers are very satisfied with their products.


What are the advantages of Aluthermo®?

The advantages of Roofreflex are the quality, the ease of installation and it can be combined with existing insulation so that the standards can be achieved without the roof becoming too high compared to the old roof.


Do you regularly recommend Aluthermo® products?

We recommend this product to our customers because it is very good value for money.