of Steven Kerré,
sales representative
at Defrancq

Meeting with Steven Kerré,
sales representative at Defrancq

Discover more about our Aluthermo thin insulation


I am Steven Kerré, sales representative for Defrancq (dealer in roofing materials) in East-Flanders.

What are the advantages of the ALUTHERMO®  insulation?

The advantage of the product is that it is very easy to install.
You can insulate with a thin insulation and reach the same insulation values than a traditional insulation.

People can use the thin insulation Aluthermo® instead of a sarking insulation and the insulation Aluthermo® is very easy to install. Those are the advantages.

The customers use the insulation Aluthermo® and then we get positive reactions about the product.


You recommend ALUTHERMO®  even though there’s no construction grant?

People always think they should get a construction grant when they insulate.
Aluthermo® doesn’t give access to these grants for the moment, but because of the ease of installation, the quick installation and the good product you can actually save money based on the performance of the product.

So, I think we need to sell more the benefit of the products and not the construction grant. And people also save money on this behalf which is very important.