The company


ALUTHERMO® s.a. was created in 1999 to meet a real need for qualitative solutions in thin insulation. Convinced right from the start, Mr. Lambert Jakobs set about developing innovative processes in multi-layer insulation, with the primary objective of improving comfort and wellbeing in homes.

Aluthermo® insulation was born!

Thanks to meticulous manufacturing (thermal welding on the whole surface) and the use of high-quality raw materials (pure aluminium), the company quickly achieved a leading position on the Belgian and Luxembourg markets.

At the beginning of the millennium, competitive products consisted essentially of plastic reflective sheets, while Aluthermo® offered aluminium treated against oxidation. This technology made all the difference due to its excellent resistance to fire, powerful reflective capability and incomparable longevity.

Committed to continuous improvement, Aluthermo® continued to invest heavily in research and development in order to create an insulation which retained all the existing advantages of the product, while further improving its energy performance.



Lambert Jakobs / ALUTHERMO® s.a.

A European patent was filed for Aluthermo Quattro. Its production was the fruit of these years of research conducted within the company and developed in close cooperation with the scientific world. It has since then remained the only thin, multi-layer insulation system with pure aluminium and all surfaces thermally-welded together. This flexible, reflective complex consisting of four layers of pure aluminium, encloses dry air in its films. It provides very efficient thermal insulation in combination with limited thickness. Its exceptional properties of flexibility make placement very easy. Aluthermo Quattro can therefore be used in practically all imaginable thermal insulation areas.

Since their beginning, Aluthermo products have attracted the interest of other sectors than construction, such as the pharmaceutical, transport and automobile industries.
Over the years the company has also expanded through exportation. Today Aluthermo® is distributed in more than 20 countries.


In order to ensure optimal production quality, internal controls within the company are duplicated by independent external audits, guaranteeing that the product meets the highest criteria in the market.

Aluthermo® derives from the most advanced technologies which have been tested in extreme conditions, not only in 2005 on Steve Fossett’s first solo flight around the world with his Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, but also during the Atlantic rowing feats of the WinBelgium-Team.

Applications are numerous:

  • Construction,
  • Transportation,
  • Pharmaceutical sector,
  • Automobile sector,
  • Shipbuilding,
  • Specific applications, …


Throughout the process, the technical sales team provides individual customer service with professional advice on all the possible applications and technical solutions offered by the Aluthermo® range.

Our permanent stock – more than 70,000 m2 in Flanders and Wallonia – enables us to guarantee high-quality service and rapid delivery throughout Europe.

Our thin insulation products


An insulating, reflective roof membrane that is watertight and highly vapour-permeable. EPC & LABC certified.


An ideal “all in one” solution as it acts as an insulation material, vapour barrier and roof membrane. Insulating without losing space.


Reflective insulation, vapour barrier and breather membrane. Made thicker to comply with European standards. EPC certified


A reflective insulation material made thicker to comply with European standards. Mainly used on roofs or as a vapour barrier on walls. EPC & LABC certified.


An insulating and reflective vapor barrier.
Used on the roof or on interior walls, it protects against vapour.
EPC certified.