of Lothar Fank from
the carpentry
L. Fank in St.Vith

Meeting with Lothar Fank,
manager of the carpentry L. Fank in St.Vith

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We have been working with Aluthermo® for more than 20 years now and we are very satisfied.


When do you use the ALUTHERMO® insulation products?

The thin insulation Aluthermo® cannot be applied everywhere and not all customers specifically ask for them. But we can convince many of them that it saves space, while at the same time being very efficient. So far, I have not had a single complaint from customers who have been disappointed because it does not isolate enough.


Which ALUTHERMO® insulation do you work with most?

We work mainly with the Aluthermo® Quattro, because it saves a lot of space. In the case of an attic conversion in an old building, for example, as you can see on this site, a minimum of 10 to 15 cm should be added on the rafters to have the same insulation efficiency as the Aluthermo® Quattro.


Are your customers satisfied with the thin insulation materials of ALUTHERMO® ?

When we have no complaints, it means that customers are satisfied. And we never have any complaints.


What do you think are the advantages of ALUTHERMO® Quattro?

With the Aluthermo® Quattro, we have an advantage: we can do a continuous insulation, which I think is very important.

We can almost make a thermos flask of a building and we are 100% sure that there is no heat loss in winter and no heat penetration in summer.