Meeting with Cédric Bellemans, manager of the company CVS Concept

My name is Cedric Bellemans.
I have a roofing company. The company is CVS Concept. I have 17 years’ experience in roofing.

Why do you use Aluthermo® insulation?

We are on a site near Vilvoorde where there is a lot of noise from planes and roads. There’s a motorway and a road not far away, so the clients can hear the cars and planes.

Here we renovated a roof that was already insulated with 10 cm of a simple glass wool insulation.

As we couldn’t modify the structure of the building due to some frames that were already quite low, that were already placed at the level of the house, we couldn’t work with another product than between the rafters.

We started with an 18 cm glass wool with a coefficient of 5.6 and on top of that we used Roofreflex in the opposite direction of the insulation for an optimisation of the insulation which aims to increase the R coefficient to 6.60.

Why did you choose Aluthermo®?

It has a greater resistance to heat and noise.

That’s why the client chose this option. To insulate a little more and when it’s hot, to have less impact from the heat. But also to reduce the noise level, given that there are planes and a road not very far from the building.

What are the advantages of Aluthermo® thin insulation?

The advantage of the product, as I said, is that during summer, it tends to reject the sun rays, so it doesn’t absorb the heat. It’s a plus for the insulation.

It increases the R-value of the insulation already installed, so of the 18 cm glass wool that we put between the rafters. It also has an impact on noise, it reduces the noise of cars and planes.

And the advantage is also that we don’t raise the roof structure, so we keep the aesthetics of the house, since we have enough space between the rafters to work with 18 cm insulation.

How did you work on the roof insulation with Aluthermo® ?

We went with three layers.

We removed the old 8 cm insulation and then we started with a vapour barrier that we wrapped around the boards or the rafters.
Then we continued with 18 cm of insulation, coefficient 5.6 and thereafter with Roofreflex, the insulating breather membrane, coefficient between 1 and 1.5 I think, to achieve a total R of 6.60 – 7 which is very very correct for new constructions.

As I said, the advantage is also especially regarding the sun. The house tends to heat less as there are sun rays, because it doesn’t absorb the heat and it reflects the rays.

And the reduction of the noise are the reasons why the client chose us, I think. Because we proposed this product, which was a plus in our quotation.

Do you often work with Aluthermo® insulation ?

Yes, I work with Aluthermo from time to time.

They have several different products in their ranges, so the selection is quite varied.
You can combine a lot of products, so there’s a solution for almost every roof.

But as I say, the main advantage of the product is that you don’t have to heighten the roof with large volumes, as you can do at the moment with 10-12 cm panels to achieve coefficients of 5.4.

Here, the advantage is that we remain at a thickness of 4 cm for the ventilation of the product. And thus, at the level of the final aspect there is not a big change compared to the past. But at the level of insulation the change is very important.

Is it easy to install the insulation?

The installation is very simple.

And the advantage of Roofreflex is that it’s installed in the opposite direction to the insulation. It fills all the thermal bridges if there is an imperfection in the insulation.

I think that this is very important for the product, and it gives us an additional guarantee that the house is insulated at the maximum.

Are you looking for an insulation which is effective, thin and easy to install?