Meeting with Jan Van der Aa,
Manager of the company Van der Aa SPRL

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I am Jan Van der Aa from the company Van der Aa in Wintershoven, Belgium. We carry out roofing work as well as wall and roof cleaning.


The thin insulation ALUTHERMO® for insulating roofs

We are here in Hengelhoef, in Houthalen. This is a holiday park where the apartments are divided into different blocks and as they are existing buildings, which are fully finished from the inside, it is not possible to insulate from the inside.

And this is Aluthermo’s main added value, because it is an insulating roof underlay that simply has to be placed over the rafters and which has a very high insulation value.

This is the biggest advantage and the minimal thickness.

You can just lay it as a roof underlay, you will lose 1 or 2 cm because your battens get a little thicker, but it is not that bad. You do not need to make all the necessary adjustments on the dormers or adapt anything else.


ALUTHERMO®, a thin insulation perfect for renovations

If people want to insulate a roof that is not yet insulated and the finish is already done on the inside, this is a very very good alternative, a very good solution to insulate the roof effectively.


An effective thin insulation at a fair price

It is indeed relatively cheap because you don’t have to do as much extra work and it is cheaper than a standard sarking system because you then reach a height of 12 cm, forcing you to make the necessary adjustments.

I am very satisfied with the thin insulation Aluthermo®.