Testimonial of Filip Derie,
sales director
at Defrancq

Meeting with Filip Derie,
sales director at Defrancq

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I’m Filip Derie, commercial director at Defrancq (dealer in roofing materials).

We have 22 branches all over Belgium and we mainly sell to roofers.


What’s your experience with ALUTHERMO®?

We have been working with Aluthermo products for 18 years, especially with the Aluthermo® Quattroa product that we sell very well, especially for special applications where it is very useful.


What are the advantages of ALUTHERMO®?

The good insulation values achieved by the limited thickness of the product, also the reflective property are enormous advantages.
Insulating with reflective thermal insulation is very advantageous, but this technology is not enough known and people must trust the product.

Because the insulation Aluthermo® is very thin, for specific applications and especially in renovation it is a very useful product.


Who uses the thin reflective insulation ALUTHERMO®?

We have 2 different types of customers for the product.

Customers who work a lot with these thin insulations and who install them regularly.
We also have many customers who suddenly find themselves in a difficult situation and who cannot work with a different type of insulation.

Which feedback to you receive from your customers?

From a product technical point of view, it is very solid and the quality is impeccable.

We have never had a problem with delamination of the product or anything like that.
Technically, we have never had any problems.

The thing is that people have a little less confidence in Aluthermo® because the insulation value is very high, the product is not very thick and they are therefore a little suspicious.
The only disadvantage is that they receive no construction grant.