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Meeting with Julien Thiry, Managing Director of the laboratory ELIOSYS

Thin insulators with measured performance

Who are you? Who is Eliosys?

Hello, my name is Julien Thiry. I am the managing director of Eliosys, a company that has a laboratory for tests, controls and product certification.

We are known and specialized in environmental regulations. We have equipment that is partly unique in the whole world.

For example, we have a solar climate chamber, which means that in this chamber we can simulate any global climate.

How were ALUTHERMO® thin insulation materials tested?

In this chamber we tested the different thin reflective insulation materials Aluthermo®. The proposed method was not a standardised one, so it was not possible to compare the results with other materials. Therefore, we proposed to take a very real and concrete case.


The test of the thin refelctive insulation ALUTHERMO®:

Everyone who heats his house does so with the aim of maintaining a pleasant temperature inside the house. To demonstrate the performance of Aluthermo® insulation we have created a volume insulated with Aluthermo®.

In this structure, we maintained a temperature of 21 degrees, while we varied the outside temperature in steps of 5 degrees. We then compared the results of Aluthermo® with other products.


What are the results compared to rock wool or glass wool?

Thanks to this method, we were able to compare the different Aluthermo® materials with conventional insulation such as glass wool and rock wool.

The results of the proposed Aluthermo® products were relatively positive.

The Aluthermo® materials were in many cases equivalent and in some cases even better than the conventional materials.

This advantage results from the material itself, which is relatively innovative but also the method of installation that no air movement can occur between the inside and the outside of the structure which must be kept at a certain temperature.

Through these tests, where the aim was to maintain the 21 degrees inside the structure while we varied the outside temperature, we found out that in some cases the Aluthermo® materials achieved better results than the conventional thick insulation materials.

In fact, the tests that are usually proposed in the standard tests were designed for thick insulation. Why? The thicker the insulation, the better the insulation. This strengthened the conventional insulation materials.

In the case of the thin reflective insulation Aluthermo®, we are on a rather technological level and it is different from what we usually do. Therefore, the tests do not reflect the real added value of this material.


What are the advantages of ALUTHERMO® insulation?

The biggest advantage of Aluthermo® insulation is that you can achieve a result that is similar to conventional insulation with a lower thickness. In additional, the installation method prevents the passing of air which is a real added value of the product.