Meeting with Jento Vandebriel project manager Renotec

This is actually a Renotec construction site. We are currently renovating the BNP Fortis National Bank. So, we are mainly renovating the roof, cleaning the façade, and doing some carpentry repair work here and there.

What were the biggest challenges of this project ?

The challenge was to keep everything dry while we were renovating. So, we built a tent over the roof to keep everything safe and dry.
The second challenge was to do some extra insulation work and not change anything about the roofing or the size of the roofing, so we chose an Aluthermo® product for the dormer behind me.

Why did you choose Aluthermo® thin insulation?

I had to choose an Aluthermo® product because it has a very good insulation value, but it is still a compact and thin material, so we don’t have to apply a thick layer and it doesn’t change the appearance.
In this case, we were not allowed to change the thickness, so we chose Aluthermo’s product.

What is the advantage of this insulating product ?

The main advantage of Roofreflex is its high insulation value and yet its low thickness. So, we were able to work quite compactly. It’s not thick at all, and it’s also easy to install. It’s a kind of foam sheet that we can attach to the dormer and then shoot the roof battens into place.
At the moment I don’t know of any alternatives of such a high insulation value. Aluthermo® remains my first point of contact, and that is what the builders and architects usually like to hear, that I turn to Aluthermo® because of the high insulation value.

Are you looking for an insulation which is effective, thin and easy to install?