of Kurt Noelants,
site Manager

Meeting with Kurt Noelants,
Site Manager of the company Lauryssen

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My name is Kurt Noelants and I work for the roofing company Lauryssen, which is part of Jos Lauryssen Ltd. We’re specialised in roofing, plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.


Why did you choose ALUTHERMO® Quattro on this site?

I came here to a private person to propose a roof renovation. I worked out 3 proposals for him: a 10 cm insulation board from the outside, an insulation from the inside and Aluthermo Quattro. The owner opted for the Aluthermo for cost reasons.

This means that the gutters and the roof overhang can remain unchanged and the roof is also not raised. This is an advantage that you can only achieve with the thin insulation Aluthermo® Quattro.


Do you work regularly with the insulation ALUTHERMO®?

We have been working with Aluthermo® Quattro for 10-15 years. I don’t mean that we insulate every house with Aluthermo® Quattro, but still about 5 to 10 houses per year.


What are for you the advantages of the thin insulation ALUTHERMO®?

For me, the most important reason is that we can insulate and still keep the price reasonable, and secondly, it is very important to me that the work progresses quickly. Moreover, from an aesthetic point of view, when the roof is put on, you only see the tiles, but the roof is also insulated. Nothing else has happened to the roof.