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Retailers speak about the thin insulation Aluthermo®

Meeting with Mr. Filip Derie, sales director at Defrancq NV, Dealer in roofing materials

Filip Derie is commercial director at Defrancq. The company Defrancq has been selling the thin insulation Aluthermo® for more than 18 years. Aluthermo® Quattro is one of their flagship products. An ideal insulator for renovation.

“The insulation values achieved by the limited thickness of the product, also the reflective property are enormous advantages!”

Filip Derie, commercial director at Defrancq

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Meeting with Mr. Steven Kerré, sales representative at Defrancq NV, Dealer in roofing materials

Steven Kerré is sales representative at Defrancq in East-Flanders.
He proposes the thin insulation Aluthermo® to his customers for its easy installation and high performance.

“Aluthermo® Aluthermo doesn’t give access to these grants for the moment, but because of the ease of installation, the good quality you can actually save money based on the product itself. I think we need to sell more the benefit of the products and not just the construction grant!”

Steven Kerré, sales representative at Defrancq

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